Joseph Paris is a filmmaker, went through a actor school in Lyon (France). For a time he participated in video art exhibitions with realizations (n.o.i.r. & b/l/a/n/c, Varsovie) in which he explores various variations of contradictory arrangements of voices, texts and images to reveal new readings of the narrative. In 2008 he is at the initiative of the collective Kassandre and advocates against the concept of Intellectual Property and for the use of Copyleft licenses in cinema . In 2012 he filmed the Femen movement for a year and made a film, Naked War, in which he decrypts the cinematographic grammar of these spectacular actions.
Currently writing Le Repli, a feature film struggling with borders and their images.

Participated in:

Radical Cinema, a Paris based collective media. radicalcinema.org

Kassandre [2008-2012] a collective of filmmakers who advocated for the use of copyleft licenses in cinema. View archives




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