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A philosophical and artistic reflection on Femen, a graphic film that seeks to see what may not be on the images.

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On screen: Alexandra Shevchenko | Oksana Shachko | Josephine Witt | Amina Sboui | Annie Le Brun | Benoit Goetz |

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Joseph Paris met the revolt of Femen - the women's urkrainian movement - in spring, 2012. During more than year, he filmed them, impressed by their gesture, united to their cause, and later shaked up by doubts, worried that a drama arises... In his documentary, he tries to discern better what tells this revolt, with the help of Annie Le Brun (poet) and Benoit Goetz (philosopher) who bring a fresh perspective about this radical feminism.
They analyze those images made by Femen, and disclose the meanings of their revolutionary power : overthrowing the representations of the feminine body, inventing a film grammar for protests, in order to reveal the systems of oppression and their intrinsic violence. Joseph Paris signs a philosophic and artistic reflection on Femen, trying to see what is maybe not on the pictures.

A subjective film, lovingly poetic, crossed by doubts and fears about the future of this movement, underpinned by a philosophical reflection on the power of images.

Le Monde

There is no doubt that Joseph Paris loves the cinema of Chris Marker. We find in Naked War the idea that a re-reading of immediate history gives it another perspective, and that it can be written in polyphonic mode.


Bare breasts, warrior inscriptions on the bust, crown of flowers in the hair, the femen, these "pop feminists", as they call themselves, intrigue and disturb.

Le Nouvel Obs

Strong, controlled, provocative images that the director Joseph Paris questions. What does the femen movement of the female body say? From the violence of our societies? From the state of democracy?


In his film, one will thus have the enlightened and benevolent point of view of two authentic intellectuals, Annie Le Brun and Benoît Goetz. Far from the purring of the usual media, they say on the "Femen" and the approach of Joseph Paris very illuminating things.

Froggy Delight

The documentary of Joseph Paris offers an exceptional dive in the heart of the feminist movement, and questions, through political commitment, the place of the image and the body in their actions.

Les Inrocks


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