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Festival of Non-Aligned Artistic Practices
Station to Station II
Station to Station
Documenting the encampments and police raids in Paris
Documentary Month 2016
ELEVATE Festival 2016
Documentary Meetings
Ethnografilm Festival 2016
The Naked Revolution
ENS Lyon - Youth and politics
Documentary Month 2015
Documentary Month 2015
Documentary Month 2015
DocsDF Mexico - Jaima Río de Janeiro
DocsDF Mexico - Domo Parque México
DocsDF Mexico - Cineteca Nacional
DocsDF Mexico - Jaima Parque España
Special prize of the Jury - AVIFF Cannes 2015
AVIFF Cannes 2015 - Screening 2
AVIFF Cannes 2015 - Screening 1
Screening at the Anthology
Tartu World Film Festival
Feminism and nudity - debate at the Grand Palais
Documentary Month 2014
Documentary Month 2014
Nights of militant cinema