Joseph Paris


“Let's see what butterflies will bring you tonight”

Memory or dream, what does it matter, at a certain point the difference is tenuous when one thinks of it. Tarkovsky fixes his memory in the mirror, I fix the mirror on the wall of the most beautiful films, and my memory of the mirror of Tarkovsky breaks in fragments in my dream and is rewritten in detail in another, which I fix in my film .

Fortune is my reflective memory of Tarkovsky's mirror.

It does not fix itself in the image of the night or in the counter-image of the day, but looks, always, at this otherwise different image, and which remains black, for me, against the light.

Fortune-L.jpg Fortune- shema.jpg Fortune- tableau de lune.jpg

A film by Joseph Paris | 2017 | In writing

On screen: Laurette Lalande | Logan de Carvalho |