Joseph Paris

The Flag

By questioning the borders and their images, no less than the words that support or extend them, this film opens and unfolds an inquiry to determine how a certain identity fallback has managed to impose itself and to make itself eligible.

Have we ever established so many barriers between peoples as since the fall of the Berlin Wall? It would be a cliché to say that Europe has been hiding behind its borders for a number of years, and we would be naive to believe that this fallback only translates into walls.

In this film I put my interest on the rise of far-rights discourses among french political elites, or to say it otherwise: since the beginning of the eighties, we have witnessed the generalization of a public speech that is constantly applied to chart new internal borders, to split society and to relegate oneself to others, to cultivate suspicion or to designate outright "enemies of the interior". Disconcerting in their excesses as much as in the general consensus that sustains them, these differentialist discourses, staging in one way or another a threatened "French identity" are not only assumed by the extreme right but almost by the whole political class. The French situation must in my opinion be examined for itself, because it is rather specific, but in the background I speak of a phenomenon that affects all the "great democracies", and which, in my opinion, is part of a certain mutation of capitalism.

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A film by Joseph Paris | 2017 | In development

Produced by Narratio Films

Contact Prod : Audrey Ferrarese | | +33(0)1 42 50 51 41

Supported by: CNC | Région Île-de-France |