Joseph Paris


A dissociation text-voice-image in struggle against the void of discourses.

Warsaw, 8 June 2012, four activists from FEMEN - three Ukrainian, one French - offer themselves a superb moment in sad zone. At the stadium, the first match of the European Football Championship will start. When I found myself among thousand of supporters who had come to let off steam, I trembled less from fear of their excitement than from fear of what their release of tension revealed as a servile and rampant tribute to their everyday repression. Dressed in the colors of Poland to go unnoticed, they infiltrate the crowd. In the temple of idleness they are preparing to emerge in a radically new and formidably subversive way. Half naked, they had sprayed fire extinguishers on the lethargic world around them - it seemed to me less to assault it than to try and wake it. Or maybe it was more like putting a smokescreen over the football industry, like a mirror thrown on the businesses it hides.
Later, after the crowd had run amok at an event which was very disconcerting for them, the police tried everything to hide through excessive violence the affront to their confusion, they were arrested and taken away.

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A film by Joseph Paris | 2012

On screen: Alexandra Shevchenko | Oksana Shachko |

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